Food for Healthy Prostate Gland

There are a few nutrients that are very often lacking in most men's diets that are great candidates for healthy prostate supplements that you should add to your vitamin regime.
herb medicineFoods for a Healthy Prostate High fruit and vegetable-rich diets are good for your overall health. The fiber and nutrients found in fruits and vegetables are hard to get elsewhere, because many times a multivitamin or multi-mineral supplement just won't cut it.

There is growing evidence that may suggest milk could be bad for the prostate. People have long subscribed to the idea that water is the only liquid you should drink, as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said "milk is for babies". Evidence points to excessive calcium intake which can suppress a form of vitamin D being synthesized in the body.

Tomatoes are the healthy prostate food because of the lycopene which gives them their red color. lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that can be found in many other foods as well as in nutritional supplement form. Guavas, pink grapefruit, and watermelons all have high amounts of lycopene as well. The thing that really makes lycopene important for a healthy prostate is that it not only helps to prevent prostate cancer, but it may also help to reduce the size of existing tumors.

There are a few nutrients that are very often lacking in most men's diets that are great candidates for healthy prostate supplements that you should add to your vitamin regime. The first most often lacking nutrient is zinc which affects the prostate quite a bit because the prostate gland uses zinc much more than any other body part. Zinc supplementation can even reduce prostate enlargement because it alters steroid hormone metabolism for the better. Make sure to be careful with your zinc intake though, because too much of it can be toxic. I would suggest you grab some pumpkin seeds for a snack as they are a zinc rich food. Pumpkin seeds are also rich in selenium which is another nutrient not found very often in our diets. Brazil nuts are another food that is rich in selenium. Selenium is great for a healthy prostate because it has been shown to reduce prostate cancer risk.

Vitamin D, E, and antioxidant supplementation have been shown to help keep your prostate healthy as well, and since these are all found in most multivitamins you want to make sure to have one daily. To help protect you from cancer, and vampires, real garlic should be added to your diet on a regular basis as well.

Healthy Prostate Supplements
We have already talked about the foods that you should be consuming as well as the trace nutrients that you should be taking as dietary supplements like zinc, selenium, lycopene, vitamin D, E and the others. For these next supplements i am going to discuss, they can be thought of as herbal prostate remedies if you like, but whatever they are, they are not likely to come up in your dietary regime unless you seek them out intentionally.

Saw palmetto is an amazing herbal extract that come from the berries of a small palm tree found in the southeastern United States. It's effectiveness as a healthy prostate supplement is in the way that it inhibits the synthesis or creation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) It also helps to lower estrogen levels which in effect helps the elimination of DHT in the body. Saw palmetto may be "just some other herbal supplement" but it has been clinically researched extensively, and in a couple cases it has been found to be more effective in treating prostate enlargement than other prostate supplements and prescribed drugs like Proscar. One study showed saw palmetto to be effective in almost 90% of patients after four to six weeks of use. When drugs that are prescribed generally have sexual dysfunction as a common side effect and are less effective, you can see why saw palmetto can be so powerful.

Pygeum is another one of the amazingly healthy prostate supplements in league with saw palmetto. Pygeum is obtained from tree bark and is an indigenous African remedy. It shows similar benefits to saw palmetto when it comes to DHT and the treating of an enlarged prostate or BHP as it is commonly known. Pygeum is often used in conjunction with saw palmetto in order to increase the effectiveness of both herbs.

Two other common herbal remedies include stinging nettle and Cernilton which is a common European product prepared mainly from the extracts of rye pollen.

Now that you have the foods, the vitamins and the supplements you need to get and keep your prostate healthy, it's time to start enjoying life again!


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