Frequently-Asked Questions

Frequently-Asked Questions concerning Prostatitis Rehabilitation Powder and Hardness-Dissipation Powder

1-1. Question: Judging from your clinical trials, how long do you think it would take for your product to bring a cure to me?

Answer: generally speaking, it requires 2-4 treatment courses to gain a complete cure, depending upon patients' practical condition. Patients can try one treatment course (30 days) to see the result before taking next step.


1-2. Question: does this medicine treat clacification in protate due to chronic inflammation? I had a TRU trans-rectal ultrasound and the doctor said I had calcium deposits in my prostate. How can I get rid of those deposits? Another doctor wanted to do a biopsy, but I did not do that yet.

Answer: We have another option dealing with severe condition such as prostatauxe, hyperplasia of prostate, calcification of prostate. But one herbal powder called Hardness-Dissipation Powder should be added in combination with Prostatitis Rehabilitation Capsule in treatment. If free of any strong symptom, you are advised not to take too much medicine.

1-3. Question: How long do the effects of this treatment last?

Answer: Once cured, there will be no or less recurrence. But patients are advised to take one treatment course in extra to solidate the effect, if possible.

1-4. Question: please introduce the package of Prostate Rehabilitation Powder?

Answer: One month supply contains 90 bags of the granule. Each bag contains 5g

1-5. Question: Do you offer a money-back guarrantee (warranty) if your pills do not have effect?

Answer: It sounds nice but the practical operation face lots of uncertainty. The first is the establishment of intermediate institution to preside over the process and issuing correct judgement. It is not easy and hope in future there may emerge such institutes.

1-6. Question: Does your product have side effects?

Answer: All ingredients are natural Chinese herbs and till now we did not receive any obvious side effects reports from patients with prostatitis and hyperplasia of prostate gland. In general, Chinese herbal medicine features much less side effects in comparison with Western medicine. Yes, for acute diseases Western medicine has tremendous advantage, we have to confess.

1-7. Question: How do you ship the medicine to us and how long we can receive our order?

Answer: We choose China Post to ship the medicine and most often within 14 - 28 days patients can receive the meidcine. China Post has an online tracking site We can provide the register number of the medicine parcel and you can check the status of it.

But please note you can only know the status within China. Once out of China you cannot know anything except you are sure it arrives at the destination country--because postal service of foreign countries do not have their responsibilty to scan the bar code and input info regarding its status, we guess.

1-8. Question: Are there some abstinence when taking your herbal medicine?

Answer: Yes, please abstain from alcohol, sweet cookies, vinegar, soy sauce, peppery, greasy and spicy food. Take food of plain flavor. Most of time take vegetable. Have sex every 5 - 10 days.

1-9. Question: Can I take other medicine when in the same time I take your medicine?

Answer: For patients who got infected by pathogenic bacteria, they are advised to take antibiotics (Ofloxacin plus erycin, or minocycline, etc.) in the same time. Some patients can receive antibiotics treatment by injection if oral administration cannot bring satisfied effect. For other kinds of medicine you are advised not to do so. Some unexpected interaction may happen and no one can tell you what will happen. Please have three hours of time separation if you still persist in doing so. This is more safe way to deal with such dilemma.

1-10: Question: Can I continue taking vitamin?

Answer: Yes, you can, but on the moderate dose.



Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule

A herbal remedy for prostatitis and enlarged prostate gland

Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule can quickly clear heat, resolve toxin, eliminate inflammation, eliminate stasis, disperse swelling, disinhibit urine, free strangury. With these function in combination, such medicine can surpass many popular medicine for treating prostatitis..

Hardness-Dissipation Powder

Used together with Prostatitis Rehabilitation Capsule to treat patients with severe urinary frequency, very difficulty urinating, very burning or painful urination, blood in the urine, swollen prostate and painful ejaculation.


"...> comments: My Brother have used your herbal medicine and the result was excellent. So I though you can give the address of a reputable chinese clinic similar to yours that treat Hiatal hernia"

Mohammad Aldabbas

"...> Hi my symptoms such as burning in perenium have started to decrease snd > become less frequent. I am taking the medicine for almost 2 months. Would >it be safe to take the medicine for 3 months?..."

james middleton

"...Hi, I want to order more supply of Hardness-Dissipation Powder cause it is very powerful in reating my urination difficulty, a problem tormenting me for around 6 years. I want to take this medicine alone rather than taking another medicine called Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule. Do you think it is ok? So, please provide me with such info as the price for the medicine alone as well as the dosage when it is used alone. Thanks in advance!..."

Inaam Bashir Salih

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